Who are we

The Tropical Commodity Coalition consists of ten non-governmental organisations: Hivos, Oxfam-Novib, Solidaridad, Oikos, Somo, Fairfood, India Committee of the Netherlands, BothEnds, Goede Waar&Co, Stop the Traffik and two trade unions: FNV Bondgenoten and CNV BedrijvenBond. It cooperates with NGOs and trade unions in coffee, tea and cocoa producing countries to improve the social, environmental and economic conditions at the beginning of these value chains.


Millions of rural households across the developing world are making a living out of coffee, tea and cocoa. They face many problems in these value chains, such as low incomes, miserable working conditions, inequality between men and women, child labour and environmental problems.


The TCC addresses the social, environmental and economic conditions in the tea, coffee and cocoa chains. The TCC aims to create an enabling environment for the Southern stakeholders (producers, workers, NGOs and unions) to join and provide input in the sustainable commodity debates at (inter-) national level. The TCC makes explicit and emphasizes the chain responsibility of related commercial actors to undertake action to continuously improve the social, economical and environmental conditions in the chains. The TCC promotes alliance building between the different stakeholders and to create equal opportunities for companies to adopt comparable standards and source their products accordingly. It monitors the developments in the three chains and it puts pressure on the laggard companies to improve their sustainability performance