Indian small coffee growers strike deal with market leader

March 16, 2009 - Indian partner organisations Prakruthi and Solidaridad South and South East Asia are proud to present a deal with Hindustan Unilever. The market leader in South Asia with its brand ‘Bru Coffee’ will procure sustainable produced coffee from smallholders in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. “This is a major result of the long partnership with the Tropical Commodity Coalition, which not only brought the Indian coffee crisis in the forefront but also has been effective to build capacity of the smallholders to engage with the main roasters in India” according to Dr. Chattopadhayay of Solidaridad SEA. Training and capacity building programs for smallholders and their cooperatives leading towards sustainable coffee production will be set up by Prakruthi in 2009. It is expected that HUL can procure up to 15 thousand metric ton of sustainable coffee by the coffee harvest of 2011.

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