Gender & Certified Value Chains

A film with the results of a workshop on gender and certification held in Nairobi, Kenya in October 2010. The film is part of the ongoing Gender and Global Standards Initiative.

Workshop report on the First National Roundtable on Sustainable Cocoa Economy in Ghana

On the 9th and 10th of March 2010, a two-day National Roundtable Conference on Sustainable Cocoa Economy (NRSCE) in Ghana was organized by Africa Cocoa Coalition (ACC) in collaboration with the Tropical Commodity Coalition (TCC) of the Netherlands, Ghana Cocoa Board (COCOBOD) and Armajaro International (UK). The purpose was to sensitize stakeholders in the cocoa sector about the “Key Elements to Enhance the Implementation of the Accra Agenda” on a sustainable global cocoa economy as agreed at the global level in Accra in October 2007, through a multi-stakeholder process facilitated by the International Cocoa Organization (ICCO). It was also to enable participants to prioritize the “Key Elements” and recommend actions for their internalization in Ghana in order to enhance a sustainable cocoa economy.

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Workshop report "Sustainability Initiative in Indonesian Cocoa Sector"

Workshop report on the workshop "Sustainability Initiative in Indonesian Cocoa Sector" organized by the Business Watch Indonesia in cooperation with the Tropical Commodity Coalition in Jakarta April 2010.

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Eerlijk duurt het langst

19 miljoen foute chocoladeletters in de winkels

In het rapport “Eerlijk duurt het langst”, stelt Oxfam Novib vast dat er per jaar nog altijd 19 miljoen foute chocoladeletters worden verkocht. Dat is 85% van alle verkochte letters. Honderdduizenden kleine cacaoboeren zijn daar de dupe van. Zij ontvangen geen eerlijke prijs voor hun producten. Al 2 jaar voert Oxfam Novib hiertegen campagne met de Groene Sint. Oxfam Novib is dit jaar opnieuw een campagne gestart om alle foute letters uit de winkels te krijgen op

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Inclusive Improvement: Standards and Smallholders

This book argues that combining sustainable development and poverty reduction is feasible. But it requires efforts of such magnitude that all parties involved must have ample room to fully play and expand their role. Inclusive improvement can be achieved for small-scale producers, by reducing minimum requirements and by focusing on standardizing the process of improvement itself.

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Combining Efforts by Daniele Giovannucci

Daniele Giovannucci's presentation during the TCC 'Combining Efforts' conference, 1 October 2009, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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Mainstreaming Responsible Trade in Tropical Agricultural Supply Chains, P van Ommen

This research investigates the conditions under which (brands of) Transnational Companies from the
North and cocoa, coffee and tea (smallholder) farmers in the South can scale up responsible trading linkages through the supply chain. Through literature on Value Chain Analysis, agribusiness and responsible trade, the author arrives at a framework of relevant issues. Building upon this framework and the insights gained through 15 interviews, five case studies are presented and scrutinised.

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