Coffee Barometer 2012

This ‘Coffee Barometer 2012’ reviews some recent developments of significance in the sustainable coffee sector. As certification has grown rapidly we
present a brief overview of the critical issues and main sustainability challenges in the coffee sector. We discuss the availability and procurement of certified and verified coffee, and provide a brief background of its impact at the producer level. An analysis of the world market share of sustainable coffee and its procurement by the world’s top ten coffee roasters follows. Then, the push and pull factors that influence sustainable coffee consumption in Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom are examined.

You can download the report here or read the report online

After publishing this report a discussion has started between 4C Association and TCC. For transparency reasons we would like to share with you the position statement of the 4C Association and the response of former TCC members.

IDH TCC seminar "From Promise to Practice"

On the 14th of March, 2011 the Promise to Practice Seminar was hosted by IDH and TCC to discuss the social challenges in the sustainability debate within the coffee, tea and cocoa sectors.

> Download "Final document_seminar results_14 March IDH-TCC.pdf" (2,12 MB)

Combining Results conference report

On the first of October 2010, the Tropical Commodity Coalition launched the final conference of its trilogy on combining the drive for sustainability: The Combining Results! Conference.

This conference report covers the keynote speakers’ presentations and the discussion thereon, and the lively debates in the different World Cafés, viewed from different perspectives.

> Download "TCC_Combining Results_2010_lr.pdf" (1,89 MB)

Cocoa Barometer 2010

The Cocoa Barometer 2010 presents an analysis of the recent market developments in the certified cocoa sector and aims to fuel the ongoing discussions on building capacity and training of cocoa farmers.

Tropical Commodity Coalition will present the Cocoa Barometer 2010 at the European Cocoa Conference and at the 2010 TCC Conference 'Combining Results', to build shared understanding of the sustainability investments needed at the global level. The report will also be used in discussions with individual companies, NGOs, standards bodies, trade associations and sector and consumer initiatives.

Download the pdf file here and/or request a hard copy by sending an e-mail

> Download "TCC_COCOA_Barometer 2010 (final).pdf" (1,58 MB)

TCC Evaluation report 2008-2010

At the initiative of the members of the Tropical Commodity Coalition (TCC), an independent evaluation of its strategy and program was commissioned. This report provides the major results and recommendations of the evaluation.

Download the pdf file here and/or request a hard copy by sending an e-mail

> Download "TCC_Evaluation report_2010_LR.pdf" (690,75 kB)

Tea Barometer 2010

Tea Barometer 2010 presents an overview of the recent market developments and aims to fuel the discussion on developing a sustainable tea sector.

> Download "TCC_TEA_baro2010_LP.pdf" (843,24 kB)

Combining Efforts! conference report

To walk the talk at Combining Flavours! (2008) we moved on to Combining Efforts! The theme for the Combining Efforts Conference, in October 2009, was centred around two major challenges:

- Providing quality management, assurance and certification support
- Matching supply and demand better

Please watch our movie to get a summary of the conference day.

The Tropical Commodity Conference report presents the contributions of the keynote speakers and the lively debate in the sessions on 'best-practices' for the sustainability of commodities, viewed from both supply and demand perspectives.

> Download "Combining_Efforts_2009_web.pdf" (2,07 MB)