Coffee Barometer 2009

The 'Coffee Barometer 2009' presents an analysis of the recent market developments in the certified coffee sector. It starts with the concept of certification and the different standards systems used for certification and their main features. Followed by an overview of the availability and procurement of certified coffee and the developments and trends in the Italian, German and Dutch markets.

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Cocoa Barometer 2009

The Cocoa Barometer 2009 aims to make the cocoa value chain more transparent. In this report TCC explores the recent developments in the cocoa sector and the role of grinders and chocolate manufacturers to make the cocoa chain more sustainable.

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Sweetness Follows, 2nd edition A rough guide towards a sustainable cocoa sector

This report presents an overview of the world cocoa market and its main stakeholders. It first details the sustainability challenges facing the cocoa sector, then provides an overview of initiatives to manage sustainability in the cocoa chain. It also presents lessons from other commodity chains, like coffee and timber. Recent developments and trends show leverage points for ways to achieve more sustainable cocoa production and trade. Without promoting one initiative or another, various critical issues are addressed in the conclusions and recommendations.

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Sweetness Follows, 2da Edición Guía para lograr un sector de cacao sostenible

Este informe presenta un resumen de la situación actual en el mercado mundial del cacao y de las principales partes implicadas.

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Sweetness Follows, 2nd edition Esquisse d’un secteur du cacao durable

Ce rapport présente une vue d’ensemble de la filière cacao dans le monde et des principales parties prenantes.

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Combining Flavours! Tropical Commodity Conference Report

'Combining flavours', the Tropical Commodity Conference succeeded in its effort to build shared understanding and approaches to sustainability in the tea, coffee and cocoa sector. The stakeholders shared a sense of urgency to improve the commodity chains.

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Breaking the vicious circle in the cocoa sector by scaling up training for cocoa smallholders

This brochure provides an overview of organizations that offer capacity building services in four major cocoa producing countries: Ivory Coast, Ghana, Indonesia and Ecuador. These organizations are potential partners for those taking responsibility for making the cocoa sector more sustainable.

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